“V(horn)” symbolizes the tree of life, longevity, light, and the sun.

Inspired by diffusion, dynamism, and vitality felt in the horn, we combined the power of each piece to express the fusion of energy.




“VERBELLA” is a compound word composed of the French word, “VERT,” and the Spanish word, “BELLA,” to mean natural beauty that is not artificial. The hue cosmetic brand VERBELLA respects individuality and is committed to becoming a brand that can resolve problems in women's daily lives and promote deviation from the norm.

Design System

Color & Motif

  • Verbella Rose Gold
    R225 G157 B136
    C15 M48 Y42 K0
  • Black
    R0 G0 B0
    C100 M100 Y100 K100
  • White
    R255 G255 B255
    C0 M0 Y0 K0
  • Submark

    VERBELLA's symbol is the diamond, which is the “most brilliant beauty born in nature,” embracing a tree trunk of nature, which carries the meaning of “life and birth.” It conveys the beauty, tradition, and value pursued by the brand.

  • Pattern

    The Korean consonants of VERBELLA’s name ㅂ and ㄹ come together, completing a unique design that fuses tradition and modernity.